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Weird Wild by G Clark Hellery


nHave you been down to the Weird Wild Woods? You’re sure for a big surprise. For down in the woods, the wild things lurk, from hungry trolls to battling fae. Join the bears for the teddy bears picnic and enjoy more than a slice of pie. Beware the chime of the bluebells and those who dance to their ring. Basque in the shade of the Dragon Tree but beware its flaming leaves. The lake is a beautiful place to be and for many a site of pilgrimage while the campsite is always a busy hive of activity. If you’re into history, there’s a cairn and a stone circle all ripe for exploration with locals who know their history as intimately as if they lived it. So join us in the Weird Wild Woods, I can guarantee it will be a visit you remember for the rest of your life.
nWeird Wild by G Clark Hellery is a collection of linked stories, written in different genres and styles, with cover art by @redfacedmonkey
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