Amigurumay Day 26a GClarkHellery

Amigurumay Day 26 ‘Big or Small’

Big or small? It’s a challenging question when making.

Generally, my makes tend to be on the smaller side, mostly because I don’t have the patience to spend hours making larger pieces (if you read my article yesterday about Time, you’ll know how long even a small amigurumi can take to make).

I also like the challenge of getting proportions right and incorporating a lot of details in a smaller piece, such as with my Captain Marvel…Captain Marvel crochet by G Clark Hellery

or the assorted Disney Villains.

However, sometimes it’s fun to make something a bit larger and more cuddly. Even Chewie enjoyed having a cuddle with my Leia! Larger pieces allow for more obvious detailing but a detailed smaller amigurumi may take longer to make.

Which do you prefer? Big or small?

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see more of my makes. I’m always open to Commissions, just contact me, or have a look in my Shop to see some of my other makes.

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