Pattern writing by G Clark Hellery

Amigurumay Day 18 ‘Books or Digital’

I don’t actually have that many crochet books. Hubby bought me ‘Edward’s Imaginarium‘ from Toft which is a fun way to create monsters and I have crochet patterns from assorted magazines.

I do have some digital patterns, both from Toft but also that I have found on Pintrest.

However, I’m a bit of a nightmare with my own patterns. I generally write them on the nearest thing to me while I’m working so that might be my phone, ipad, scrap of paper or the notebook I bought specifically to write my patterns in. I means that I find patterns, or bits of patterns all over the place! Then there’s the manner I write them down. I learned to crochet using American terms but have now made a number of patterns using British crochet terms so I write a weird hybrid. This is fine for me, but I sent a pattern to testers which made for some interesting comments. You can see some of the chaos in my pattern writing in the photo below.

Pattern writing by G Clark Hellery
Writing a pattern as I work leads to absolute chaos!

My aim for 2021 is to definitely get more organised with my own pattern writing and storing. Although, given we’re nearly halfway through, I fear there’s no hope for me!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see more of my makes. I’m always open to Commissions, just contact me, or have a look in my Shop to see some of my other makes.

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